Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Silk Mask

    Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Silk Mask

    Soothe the skin, fine pores and brighten

    Product Description


    Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Silk Mask

    The Product 产品
    Contains small molecule hyaluronic acid, deeply penetrates the bottom layer of the skin, and forms a long-lasting water molecular film on the skin surface to enhance the skin's natural water-locking ability. At the same time, it can combine with a variety of natural plant extracts and vitamin E ingredients to soothe the skin, fine pores and brighten the complexion for an unprecedented silky experience.
    蕴含小分子透明质酸,深入浸透肌肤底层,并在肌肤表面形成持久水分子膜,提升肌肤天然锁水能力。同时能与多种天然植物萃取以及維生素E 成分完美结合,舒缓肌肤,细致毛孔,提亮肤色,为您带来前所未有的幼嫩丝滑体验
    Active ingredients 主要成分
    water; butanediol; arginine PCA; trehalose; magnesium ascorbyl phosphate; glutathione; tranexamic acid; mint (MENTHA ARVENSIS) extract; hyaluronic acid; tocopherol (vitamin E); 20 sorbitan isostearate; allantoin; dipotassium glycyrrhizinate; EDTA disodium.
    水;丁二醇;精氨酸 PCA;海藻糖;抗坏血酸磷酸酯镁;谷胱甘肽;凝血酸;薄荷(MENTHA ARVENSIS)提取物;透明质酸;生育酚(维生素E);PEG-20 失水山梨醇异硬脂酸酯;尿囊素;甘草酸二钾;EDTA 二钠;咪唑烷基脲.

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