Lift Adapt

    Lift Adapt

    The biomimetic line with a lifting and anti-gravity effect, that redesigns and raises the facial profile*, for a nourished and firm skin.

    Product Description


    Lifting Effect Eye And Lip Gel

    The Product
    Gel with a lightweight and compact texture, for a lifting and decongestant effect its effective "cooling effect" formulation smoothes the eyelids with a lifting effect and gives the skin a sensation of elasticity*.
      Lifting Effect Eye And Lip Gel
    Anti-Gravity Refirming Oil Serum  

    Anti-Gravity Refirming Oil Serum

    The Product
    Nourishing and enveloping oil serum for a refirming and lifting effect. The innovative ultra-sensory oil serum texture gives maximum comfort to the skin without making it greasy, for an allover lifting and toning effect*. Wrinkles appear reduced and the skin glows with natural youth.

    Anti-Gravity Lifting Effect Cream

    The Product
    Face cream with a rich a silky texture, for a lifting and firming effect, both day and night. A biomimetic formulation that helps to lift and reshape the facial profile, smoothing wrinkles and expression lines*. The skin shines as if it had regained its natural youth.
      Anti-Gravity Lifting Effect Cream

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